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Our Beli Prenatal Reviews

This post may contain affiliate links. As an affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

FertileFacts™ is your top source for fertility information in 2023

Our Beli Prenatal Reviews

This post may contain affiliate links. As an affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Beli Prenatal™ Review

Our 2023 Reviews

Last Upated: September 14, 2023

The Bottom Line: In our review of Beli Prenatal Vitamins for Women we found that Beli Prenatal Vitamins for Women are scientifically-aligned prenatal vitamins that they have thousands of positive customer success stories and thousands of five-star reviews.

The latest research supports their claims, and there are many happy Beli families. Beli’s unique system recognizes the importance of prepregnancy through postnatal health for women AND the importance of optimal male fertility.

Beli’s are competitively priced; they are more than competitors Ritual or Thorne’s, but we believe they have a higher quality. Fertility is a complicated process, and we think you should stack the odds in your favor in every reasonable way you can. The science is always changing, and you want a partner like Beli on your side.

What's in our review

Beli Prenatal Essentials

Beli Prenatals are not just a vitamin for preconception but are also a product designed to promote optimal 1) preconception, 2) prenatal, and 3) postnatal nutritional support for both parents and the baby. You can use Beli Prenatals to optimize fertility and then stay healthy during and after baby is born.

Okay, let’s dig into that little more. The preconception window is around 3-6 months before the baby is conceived. This is when both parents, not just mom, need to be optimal health for the magic to happen. Beli Prenatals are designed for that period of time for women, but also support the regeneration and recovery that needs to take place later. Oh, and Beli also makes a Men’s Prenatal product. If you want to learn more about Beli for Men you can read our reviews here.

Beli has consistently emerged as one of the best and most well-reviewed prenatal vitamin options on the market today.

Beli Pros and Cons

Review insight 2: More doses but better ingredients


    • Beli is formulated by a team of doctors, dieticians, food scientists, biochemists and fertility experts.
    • HSA/FSA eligible
    • Third-party tested
    • Minty Taste
    • Non-GMO and Allergen friendly
    • Optimized for bioavailbility


    • Daily dose is two capsules per day instead of one
    • Men’s prenatals must be purchased separately

Beli for Women is a Complete System

Review insight 3: Beli Prenatals are optimized for all stages of pregnancy

The Beli system divides pregnancy (and nutritional needs) into four segments for women that stretch from fertility optimization six months before conception to postnatal nutrition. Recent studies have shown that at each step of the pregnancy process, the body needs a different variety of nutrients in different quantities. Beli’s stages follow science, and in short, that’s what makes the product different.

We tested Natalist Prenatal Vitamins to see how they may support pregnant people and their growing babies throughout the prenatal period. Natalist offers supplements in the form of prenatal gummies and pills that are optimized for absorption and maximum benefit to you and your baby. 

In this Natalist Prenatal review, we’ll explore how the products compare to some of its top competitors, its pros and cons, and reasons why it may be the right choice for you.

Beli Prental Ingredient List

Review Insight #4: Beli includes Choline but not DHA or Vitamin A

When comparing options, it’s important to note both what’s included and what’s not included. Beli has some of the best ingredients out there of any product, and is formulated by RDs that focus on health.

Inactive Ingredients

In terms of inactive ingredients, Beli for women eschews artificial colorants, hydrogenated oils, magnesium silicate (talc), rice flour, titanium dioxide, or sodium benzoate. We think that that’s a good thing—you don’t want any of these additives in your prenatal vitamins! This is another reason why we think Beli has the best prenatal vitamins out there.

The Science of Beli Prenatal Vitamins

Review Insight #5: Beli for Women has scientifically-backed ingredients

Beli is a multivitamin system based on the latest science that helps prepare your body to be the healthiest it can be to conceive, grow, and welcome a new life in the world. The health prenatals are built on four main pillars:

  • The first is to supply nutrients to support all stages of pregnancy; Beli Beli nourishes your body preconception, and once pregnant boosts health, energy, and comfort during each trimester, and heals during post-pregnancy recovery.
  • The second pillar is gentleness on the stomach; Beli is formulated with high-quality iron and TRAACS™ minerals that are easier to absorb and gentler on the stomach to help reduce the effects of morning sickness.
  • The third pillar is methylated folar and B Vitamins; Beli includes optimal levels of methylfolate (a natural and more superior form of folic acid) for healthy fetal development and B vitamins to support energy.
  • The fourth pillar is recommended level of choline; choline is critical to aid in healthy neural tube development and help prevent birth defects, an often overlooked nutrient in other prenatal vitamins

Reviewing the Competition

Review Insight #6: Beli vs Ritual vs Needed vs Thorne

Price$50 per month(use code Finvsfin15 for 15% off)$60 per month$35 per month$27 per month
Men & Women Prenatals
Serving Size3 pills8 pills2 pills3 Pills
400mg + Choline
Methylated folate
4000IU Vitamin D
Contains Iron?
Easily digested ingredients?
WebsiteBeli WebsiteRitual WebsiteNeeded WebsiteThorne Website

The History of Beli Prenatals

Review Insight #6: Beli’s Founder created Beli Prenatals from her own needs

Beli was created by founder Joni Hanson Davis, who during her own pregnancies realized that prenatal vitamins had not kept pace with the science of functional nutrition and fertility. Her experience was deeply personal, with stories of miscarriage and breastfeeding issues, and struggles staying healthy after pregnancy.

Around 2018, when looking for options but she found that little to no innovation in the market in decades and no regulation to ensure product integrity. She realized that some of the products she was using to nurture herself, her husband, and her soon-to-be three babies might be doing more harm than good. So she set out on the journey to create the product she needed to have a healthy pregnancy.

Beli Prenatals for men

Review Insight #7: Beli’s also makes prenatal for men

Fertility for men is often the most overlooked aspect of the journey to pregnancy. Healthy sperm is crucial for conception as they need to be robust, intact, and plentiful. Unfortunately, many of the modern stresses can work against maintaining this optimal situation. That’s where Beli Vitality for Men comes in.

Beli Vitality for Men is a nutrient-rich formula backed by science, specifically designed to deliver the staples a man’s body needs for stronger, healthier sperm. It provides essential nutrients to support reproductive health and ensure your sperm are in peak condition.

Beli Vitality is part of the Beli Vitamin System, a comprehensive approach that promotes optimal preconception, prenatal, and postnatal nutritional support for both parents and the baby. Beli is the first of its kind, and it’s unique because you can use it to optimize fertility and maintain good health during and after your baby is born.

Beli for men’s prenatal multivitamin is a powerful supplement that not only supports reproductive and sperm health but also provides bonus benefits of increased energy, balance, and overall wellness.

Beli Prental Reviews from around the web

What other customers are saying

We like to balance our reviews with other Beli Prenatal reviews around the web. Our experience isn’t everyone’s experience. Here are a few more data points to help you make an informed decision to take the next step. Beli Prenatal Vitamins has exceptional reviews across the web: with an average 72% 5/5 stars on Amazon, and 58% 5/5 stars on Trustpilot with 117 reviews Beli is well-regarded by users.

"I am a big believer in supplements and adding micronutrients to your diet, especially when prepping your body for a fertility journey. And while I don’t think any prenatal multivitamins target all your individual needs, they are a good way to get you started. Beli prenatals are backed completely by science and research to meet recommended nutrients and i.e. include most ingredients that I normally recommend to my patients, like CoQ10, Vit D, Vit C, B6 and 12 and folate and easily digestible iron. Beli also has the recommended levels of choline to support baby’s brain development which is hard to find in a quality prenatal supplement.”

Dr. Surrey, M.D.


One of the things we did differently for our second round of IVF was having Joe incorporate vitamins into his daily regimen. We are so glad that we found Beli] before our second round of IVF because it helped us get our embryos. It is so great that companies are starting to pay attention to the male side of the fertility equation because they play an equal part in the #ttcjourney.

Sherelle G.


“Recently I decided to find a prenatal that I was confident would give me the nutrients I need, and I was so thrilled to find Beli! They sent me their prenatal for women and a bottle of their vitamin for men too! John and I have been using them for about a month and have been loving them! Both are specially formulated to get us BOTH the nutrients we need to improve our fertility and prepare for baby.”

Abby C.


“I’m using Beli prenatals for this pregnancy and am very impressed! They are one of the only prenatals on the market with recommended levels of folate, choline, iodine, vitamin D, and magnesium.“

Amy N.


“We love you Beli! Fun Fact these bad boys paired with the Men Multi vitamin helped us get pregnant with our little man right here!...These prenatals & Mens multivitamins are jam packed with all the nutrients you need for fertility. I started taking these & made brent (he hates vitamins, You can see how thrilled he was in these swiped photos) take the Men’s multivitamins & within the next month we were pregnant with Jj! This is not just an ad these science backed vitamins truly help when trying to conceive! They were the first vitamin I started taking again after I lost my daughter & they are so easy to get down with a minty scent & packed with all the high quality nutrients you need TTC, pregnant & post partum….This is a company, I love to support.

Jordan V.


I’ve tried the standard and Ritual brand and this formula is the first that doesn’t give me nausea or fish burps. They have a light minty scent that is very gentle. I was cautious when starting them after the other top-rated brands made me very nauseous, so I took 1 capsule 3x a day as a precaution. I am now taking 3 one time a day and have no nausea or any other symptoms. Love these.



The Verdict

Our experience with Beli Prenatals

Beli prenatal vitamins for women are a popular choice for couples aiming to enhance their likelihood of conception and support a healthy pregnancy. These vitamins are designed for every stage of pregnancy, from pre-conception to postpartum.

These prenatal are packed with essential nutrients that boost fertility and prepare the body for pregnancy, including recommended doses of folate, choline, iodine, vitamin D, and magnesium. Additionally, they’re dairy-free, gluten-free, and free from common allergens.

Many users appreciate their gentle formulation, especially those with sensitive stomachs. A unique light, minty aroma helps cover the natural scent of choline. One reviewer even mentioned that Beli prenatal were the first they tried that didn’t lead to nausea or unpleasant aftertastes, such as “fish burps.” Another user noted taking a single capsule thrice daily for added caution.

For men aiming to enhance fertility, Beli also offers an option. Their product, Beli Vitality, focuses on improving sperm health. It contains beneficial nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, and coenzyme Q10. However, it’s worth noting that scientific research presents varied results regarding the effects of multivitamins on sperm health.

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How does the subscription work

Beli offers a subscription to make it easy to order

Beli offers an easy-to-use subscription to make sure you get your prenatal vitamins as you run out of the product.


Some frequently asked questions

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