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Our Legacy Fertility Review

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Legacy™ Sperm Test Kit Review

Our 2023 Review

Posted on May 25, 2023

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The Bottom Line: Is Legacy sperm test right for you? If you simply want to check the health of your sperm, a simple semen analysis kit measuring the five key metrics of sperm health may be all you need. However, in some cases, a more thorough evaluation of sperm health may be important.

Legacy Sperm is a startup that’s changing how people access cutting-edge fertility science.

At-home fertility tests for men are becoming increasingly popular. They are a convenient way of assessing your fertility without having to go to a doctor’s office or fertility clinic. The kits use advanced technology to measure various parameters of a man’s semen, including sperm count, motility, and morphology. They provide accurate and reliable results that can help you determine if you have any potential fertility issues and more. In this article, we will review Legacy Fertility Test kits for men. Read on to find out about the benefits and the limitations. 

FertileFacts™ Tip

Legacy offers sperm freezing. Taking this step is recommended if you are considering a vasectomy or will be undergoing medical treatment that may affect fertility, such as chemotherapy or gender-affirming hormone therapy.

Why use a sperm testing kit?

Legacy Sperm answers some key questions

Male factor infertility is the reason behind 50% of couples experiencing infertility worldwide. How fertile you are will depend on your lifestyle and on genetic factors. Smoking, using drugs, and alcohol consumption are equally influential as your diet and whether you exercise or are overweight. Even the type of underwear you wear and even how often you soak in a hot tub can affect your ability to start a family. All these seemingly unconnected factors have an impact on the quality of your sperm, including its morphology, motility, and DNA fragmentation.

Moreover, the sperm cells’ genetic material could become damaged during the production and storage of sperm. While the reasons vary, the outcomes are often the same – male-factor infertility, IVF failure, and even miscarriage. All these can take a huge toll on your relationship, which is why you can never be too careful when you are trying to conceive. 

Especially if you have been trying unsuccessfully for some time, sperm quality testing is important. These tests are also crucial when you are looking to freeze your sperm or simply want an accurate overview of your own fertility and overall health. 

How Legacy gives you answers

At-home fertility test kits look for specific metrics

  • They combine convenience and quality by being designed to be easy to use and allowing men like you to test their sperm count and quality in the comfort of their own homes without the need for a doctor’s visit or a laboratory. 
  • Legacy’s reports include personalized recommendations for sperm quality improvement and tips for increasing sperm morphology. All recommendations are based on your lifestyle and tailored to your circumstances. 
  • Early detection and storage even if your results point toward sperm abnormalities, detecting those early can help men take proactive steps to improve their sperm count and quality, which can increase their chances of achieving a successful pregnancy with their partner. 
  • Legacy offers more advanced male fertility testing options than any other at-home kit and even more than many conventional clinics. Their sperm testing includes a post-thaw analysis, a quick freeze-and-thaw of a small percentage of your sperm to ensure your sample is viable for freezing. 
  • Legacy also offers the option to add a sperm DNA fragmentation analysis, an assessment of your sperm’s genetic health, which may illuminate deeper causes of fertility difficulties. 
  • Privacy: many men find it uncomfortable or embarrassing to talk about their fertility issues with others. At-home sperm test kits offer a discreet and private way for men to test their sperm count and quality. Legacy’s sperm quality test gives you all the tools and information you need to optimize your fertility directly from your home.

What does a Legacy Sperm test kit do?

At-Home Sperm Test Kits Are Accurate

Think of Legacy as a fertility clinic that is conveniently based in your own home. There is no need to make appointments, share private information with others, or deal with long wait times. All you need to do is order your kit which will arrive in a discreet package, so you can have it shipped to your workplace if you like. 

Legacy’s at-home fertility test kits are easy to use. All you need to do is provide a sperm sample within 7 days of receiving your kit and send it off to the laboratory. Your results will be available 48 hours later through a convenient online dashboard. 

Legacy checks for five key sperm health parameters:

  • Sperm motility: this test shows how many of the sperm in your sample are swimming. It is a critical sperm health indicator because sperm need to swim to fertilize an egg. 
  • Sperm volume: this criterion measures the amount of semen in your sample. Depending on when you last ejaculated, the volume of semen in mL can vary widely.  
  • Sperm concentration: sperm concentration refers to the number of sperm cells per mL of semen in the sample you provided.  
  • Total motile sperm count: for most medical professionals, this is the most important of the entire sperm sample. To determine it, Legacy multiplies your sperm’s volume, concentration, and motility. 
  • Sperm morphology: this last metric refers to the shape of your sperm. Surprisingly, only between 4% and 20% of the sperm cells in most samples are of normal shape.

Is anything extra?

Legacy Provides two addons

Aside from key parameters, Legacy provides two additional tests: 

  • Post-thaw analysis: with every Legacy kit you purchase, you have the option to freeze your sperm for use later. Legacy splits your sample between two separate CLIA-registered labs for risk-free storage. 
  • DNA fragmentation analysis: this analysis really sets Legacy apart from its competitors. A sperm DNA fragmentation analysis is an advanced male fertility test that measures the percentage of abnormal or damaged DNA carried by your sperm cells. A high level of sperm DNA fragmentation can contribute to infertility or recurring miscarriages. It can even lead to poor health outcomes for your future children. This advanced sperm analysis is typically only performed at specialty labs, with just a few locations in the U.S. Legacy is making DNA fragmentation analysis an option for everyone. Their labs use a technique known as sperm chromatin dispersion (SCD) which has been well-established for identifying sperm DNA damage. 

Choosing your Legacy Fertility Test Kit

Which At-Home Sperm Test Kit is Right for You?

If you simply want to check the health of your sperm as part of trying to conceive, a simple semen analysis kit measuring the five key metrics of sperm health may be all you need. However, in some cases, a more thorough evaluation of sperm health may be important. 

Perhaps you have been trying to conceive for a while or your partner has experienced miscarriages? That is when it makes sense to combine a semen analysis and a sperm DNA fragmentation analysis for a more complete picture of your fertility. This combination is also recommended for older clients, those with a history of medical treatments or lifestyle habits that may impact fertility or anyone who simply wants to gain a better understanding of their sperm health. 

Legacy Sperm Kit nameFor TodayFor Today + DNA Fragmentation AnalysisFor TomorrowForever
What’s included1 semen analysis1 semen analysis
  • -2 semen analysis kits
  • -1 STI Test Kit
  • – 3 semen analysis kits
  • – 1 STI Test Kit
Includes freezing?❌ Available as an add-on❌ Available as an add-on✅ 5 year cryostorage✅ Lifetime cryostorage
What metrics does it test for?
  • – Sperm volume
  • – Sperm concentration
  • – Sperm motility
  • – Total motile sperm count
  • – Sperm morphology
  • – Post-thaw analysis “
  • – Sperm volume
  • – Sperm concentration
  • – Sperm motility
  • – Total motile sperm count
  • – Sperm morphology
  • – Post-thaw analysis
  • – Sperm volume
  • – Sperm concentration
  • – Sperm motility
  • – Total motile sperm count
  • – Sperm morphology
  • – Post-thaw analysis
  • – Sperm volume
  • – Sperm concentration
  • – Sperm motility
  • – Total motile sperm count
  • – Sperm morphology
  • – Post-thaw analysis
DNA fragmentation analysis included?
Best for
  • – If you are trying to conceive
  • – To assess the results of vasectomy
  • or vasectomy reversal
To proactively improve fertility and if you are 40 years old and experiencing infertilityIf you plan to freeze your sperm for near-term conceptionIf you plan to freeze your sperm for long-term conception since you are undergoing cancer treatment or considering vasectomy, hormone replacement therapy

Legacy alternatives

Legacy vs. RoSperm vs. Fellow

We’ve created a table that breaks down the differences between the most popular online sperm testing kids and providers. The best option for you will depend on your individual needs and circumstances.

Legacy Sperm Review Comparison Chart
Best male sperm test kitsLegacyRo SpermFelow
Results available in?48 hours (2 days)🟡🟡
Cryostorage available?
Sperm metrics tested5 key metrics🟡6 key metrics
Multi-geography/tank sperm storage?🟡
PriceFrom $295🟡From $189
Freezing time and priceUnlimited. Prices start at $145 per year. Discounts are available for 5-year and 10-year storage.Unlimited time. Storage is charged at $140 per year
What's included?Semen test only. Cryopreservation available at an additinal costSemen testing and cryopreservation.Semen test only. Cryopreservation available at an additinal cost
DNA fragmentation analysis available?🟡
CLIA Certified Labs?✅, but not owned🟡✅, owned
Accepts insurance?✅, if eligible🟡
Lifestyle recommendations?🟡
On-call fertility advisor available?🟡🟡
Where do they ship to?USA-wide, with two exceptions: STI kits will not be shipped to NY state, and semen testing and cryopreservation kits will not be shipped to Puerto Rico🟡USA-wide, except New York state and Rhode Island

The Pros and Cons of Legacy Sperm

Some things to consider

Before you decide, weigh the pros and cons of all your options. We’ve broken down the most important ones for you here.

All sperm metrics tested: Legacy kits’ results are comparable to the results of a conventional, in-person semen analysis and test for all 5 metrics of sperm health including DNA fragmentation.Relatively expensive: Legacy is more expensive than some other male fertility tests.
Accurate results: Legacy’s sperm testing is conducted in CLIA-certified labs by a team of experienced scientists, and all results are reviewed by medical staff.Charge extra for sperm freezing: Legacy’s cryostorage plans are also more costly than other providers.
Easy to use: all you need to do is provide the sample within 7 days of receiving your kit. Your results will be available on your online dashboard within 48 hours.No separate plan for DNA fragmentation analysis: Legacy's one-of-a-kind DNA fragmentation analysis is only available in conjunction with other plans and not as a standalone kit.
Professional lifestyle recommendations: Legacy gives personalized recommendations for sperm quality improvement, based on your lifestyle and your results. They also offer tips for improving sperm morphology.
Safe sperm storage: Legacy stores your sperm in multiple locations/tanks and conducts a comprehensive post-thaw analysis of your sperm to mitigate any risk.

Reviews of Legacy from around the web

What are Customers Saying

We like to balance our review with other reviews around the web. Our experience isn’t everyone’s experience. Here are a few more data points to help you make an informed decision to take the next step.

"Legacy takes the weird factor out of having to produce a sample in-office with nerves and distractions going on. I got my kit super quick and was able to send it back the same day. My results were ready the same week and when I reached out to their customer service I actually got a live person. Jaclyn was so sweet and knowledgeable when I had concerns about my results. She set me up with their telehealth team who was great at explaining my results and helping me with suggestions for improving my parameters. I also appreciate the work they do with the LGBTQ+ and Military. Very thankful a company like this exists."


"As someone who wants to take control of their family planning, I was anxious to bank sperm prior to vasectomy. Legacy gave me the confidence & peace of mind that should I want children in the future, they would help to make that happen."


"My sperm health results were actually great. I decided to freeze because I know I want biological kids one day. I’m 33 and want to be sure all my options are open for when that time comes."


"I didn’t have to take time off work or figure out scheduling to go into a clinic. So decided to try the at-home testing, just because it seemed a lot easier. And it turns out, my employer paid for it!"


Our Own Experience

Is Legacy Sperm legit?

FertileFacts™ Verdict

Legacy at-home sperm kits are best for anyone who wants to be empowered with the most comprehensive knowledge of their fertility status. Legacy sperm kits allow you to have your semen analyzed according to five key metrics. In addition, the company also offers advanced analyses, including DNA fragmentation, and they can store your sperm to preserve it for later. If you would like to receive the most comprehensive, holistic assessment of the quality of your semen combined with the privacy of your home and the benefit of customized lifestyle recommendations, Legacy is the product for you. With hundreds of five-star reviews around the web, it's a compelling option.


How does semen analysis with Legacy Sperm work?

Semen analysis with Legacy is simple: all you need to do is schedule your kit delivery and collect a sample within 7 days of receiving the kit. With the sample collected, you need to register your kit for same-day pick-up, allowing our labs to analyze your sample within 48 hours. All Legacy kits have been designed to preserve the quality of your sperm for that time to ensure we provide accurate results. You receive a secure and comprehensive report directly on your dashboard, helping you to understand your fertility better.

What are the healthy sperm parameters?

The health of your sperm is determined by a combination of factors. The volume of semen you produce and your sperm count matter. But a high sperm count does not predict fertility on its own, especially if sperm cells are misshapen or struggle to swim. DNA fragmentation can also lower the quality of your sperm. As you age, sperm motility tends to drop, and morphology declines. Over 20 years, sperm morphology can decrease by anything between 4 and 18%, for example. Only a thorough analysis of all relevant parameters will give you all the information you need.

Who should consider freezing their sperm with Legacy?

If you’re not ready to have kids right now but may want them in the future, consider freezing your sperm. This is especially if you are planning to start gender-affirming hormone therapy as part of your transition or need to start medical treatment that may affect fertility, such as chemotherapy Members of the military or other occupations involving increased risk to your fertility should also consider sperm freezing. 

In addition, you may want to preserve frozen sperm if you are trying to conceive with fertility treatments like IUI or IVF or are thinking about a vasectomy. Legacy offers sperm freezing as an add-on to its basic plans for $145 per year. More comprehensive plans already include freezing and storage. 

What should you look for when choosing an at-home sperm test kit?

Before choosing a sperm test kit for you, check that the option you select covers all the criteria you would like to test for. There are cheaper test kits than Legacy, but they generally exclude DNA fragmentation tests, for example.

How often should you test your sperm count at home?

There is no fixed amount of time after which you should re-test. Consider testing again if you continue to struggle to conceive despite making lifestyle changes. It is also worth testing again if your health changes significantly.

Are at-home sperm test kits as effective as lab-based tests?

At-home sperm test kits can be as effective as lab-based tests if you follow the instructions and choose a test kit that is processed in a CLIA-approved facility.

There are over 3,400 Hey Jane reviews and an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars for satisfaction. That’s pretty impressive!

Do you need a prescription for Legacy sperm test kits?

No prescription is necessary. You can simply order your kit online.

Does Legacy Sperm accept insurance?

Depending on your circumstances and your insurance, you may qualify for coverage.

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