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Posted on January 10, 2024

The Bottom Line: Our review of Ritual Prenatals found they provide a unique vegan multivitamin prenatal vitamin option. They ensure high-quality ingredients without unnecessary additives or contaminants like heavy metals While we appreciate their quality and believe the company caters to individual requirements, they can be pricey and not a fit for all. Consider Ritual Prenatal Vitamins if you want targeted nutrients and quality assurance.

What's in our review

The basics

Formerly branded as Dadi Sperm Kit and later acquired by Ro Health, the Ro Sperm Kit offers an accessible at-home male fertility assessment. This eliminates the need for a visit to a medical facility or clinic.

Given the statistical data on male fertility, men account for approximately 35% of reported infertility issues among couples. While numerous tools exist for women to evaluate and monitor their fertility, there’s a rising demand for male-centric solutions. Thankfully, advancements like the Ro Sperm Kit are bridging this gap, providing men with a discreet and effective way to gauge their reproductive health.

Using the Ro Sperm Kit is straightforward:

  1. Purchase: Order the kit online.
  2. Sample Collection: Provide a sperm sample using the kit.
  3. Delivery: Send your sample to the lab using a UPS Ship center.
  4. Results: Receive a comprehensive report within 48 hours of the lab receiving your sample.
  5. Storage: Benefit from cryogenic storage of viable sperm samples at a Ro Health facility, complimentary for the initial year.

Pros and Cons of Ritual Prenatal Vitamins

Before you decide, weigh the pros and cons of all your options. We’ve broken down the most important ones for you here.

How do at-home fertility tests work?

At-home male fertility tests offer a convenient alternative for those who can’t access or are hesitant to see a fertility specialist. Typically, men aren’t evaluated for fertility issues until a couple has unsuccessfully tried to conceive for a year. However, using an at-home test can provide earlier insights, and fertility can be boosted with male prenatal vitamins. These kits are particularly valuable for men with specific infertility risk factors. For instance, those who have undergone chemotherapy or had a vasectomy may use these kits to determine fertility status. It’s common for surgeons to recommend post-vasectomy patients to verify their sterility using such tests before having unprotected intercourse.

Concerned about the reliability of these at-home kits? A study benchmarked the YO Home Sperm Test, a smartphone-based test, against the laboratory-grade SQA-Vision semen analyzer. Impressively, the YO test demonstrated a 97.8% accuracy in measuring Motile Sperm Concentration (MSC) when compared to the SQA-Vision. For a detailed comparison, including the YO Home Sperm Test, refer to our comprehensive review of the best male fertility kits.

What Ro Sperm measures

At-home male fertility kits primarily evaluate sperm health, which is a critical determinant of male infertility. Three main aspects shed light on sperm health:

  1. Sperm Count: The foremost parameter for assessing sperm health is its count. A fertile sample typically contains 15 million to over 200 million sperm per ml of semen. Counts below 15 million per ml are categorized as ‘oligospermia’, indicating potential infertility.

  2. Motility: Sperm cells possess the capability to self-move, crucial for reaching and fertilizing eggs. A sperm sample displaying 40% or higher motility is a hallmark of healthy fertility.

  3. Morphology: This denotes the sperm’s shape and size. Healthy sperm showcase an elongated tail (about 5-6 micrometers in length) and a smooth, oval head (approximately 2.5-3.5 micrometers wide). As per Kruger’s strict standards, having 4 to 14% of sperm with this ideal structure suggests a fertile sample.

With a clear understanding of these pivotal sperm health indicators, the article transitions to a deeper dive into the Ro Sperm Kit.

Using the Ro Sperm Kit: A Step-by-Step Guide

Once you’ve opted for the Ro Sperm Kit, it’s crucial to follow certain steps to ensure the most accurate results:

  1. Preparation:

    • Refrain from ejaculation for a minimum of 48 hours before sample collection.
    • Avoid tobacco, smoking, and alcohol consumption 48 hours prior.
    • Do not use lubricants during the collection process.
  2. Collection:

    • After depositing the semen into the provided cup, securely fasten the lid.
    • Activate the preservative by pressing the button on the cup’s lid. This preservative ensures the vitality of your sperm until it reaches the lab.
  3. Kit Features:

    • The Ro Sperm Kit is uniquely designed to be tamper-proof, shockproof, and drop-proof, offering unparalleled security. No refrigeration is needed.
    • The kit employs a specialized transport capsule, combining a sturdy outer shell with insulation inside. This safeguards your sample from temperature variations during transit.
  4. Security Measures:

    • The kit’s deposit box requires dual authentication to access.
    • A unique 9-digit code, found at the bottom of the deposit cup, matches the code on the provided security band. This code registers your kit.
    • After placing the cup inside, seal the kit corner using the included security band.
  5. Shipping:

    • Prior to visiting your nearest UPS center, adhere the return label to the blue box’s bottom.
    • You’ll be notified about shipping progress and can anticipate the analysis report within 48 hours of the lab receiving your sample.

Where your sperm is stored

Ro partners with the New England Cryogenic Center in Boston for lab testing and storage of sperm samples. Recognized as one of the global leaders in cryogenics, this lab aligns with FDA regulations and holds multiple accreditations, including CLIA. Such affiliations signify adherence to diagnostic testing laws, guaranteeing the reliability and precision of the lab analyses. The tests primarily evaluate sperm count, motility, and morphology.

If your sperm sample is healthy, it will be preserved cryogenically, retaining its vitality for at least a year, or longer if you choose. Contrary to popular belief, men too face a biological clock concerning reproduction. By preserving younger sperm, you reduce potential risks for your future offspring, including conditions like schizophrenia and autism.

Cryogenic preservation is a proven approach, with over 50% survival rate post-thawing, often used for in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. It’s a strategic choice for all men, but especially for those anticipating treatments like hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, or a vasectomy, and for older men with declining sperm counts.

The Ro Sperm Kit divides and stores your healthy sample across three vials. This means three potential IVF attempts per kit (with additional vials available for an extra fee). The inaugural year of storage is complimentary. When you’re set to utilize your stored sperm, Ro facilitates direct coordination with your healthcare professional for delivery.

The Ro Sperm Report; What is means

Upon receipt of your sample, Ro Sperm Kit’s dedicated lab technicians will conduct a thorough evaluation. Within 48 hours, you’ll receive a detailed assessment covering aspects like sperm count, concentration, volume, and morphology. Additionally, you have the opportunity to discuss your results with a Ro Sperm Kit fertility specialist, providing a clear understanding of your fertility status.

For any uncertainties or if your results indicate irregularities, you can seek clarity about what the specific figures mean and the recommended next steps. It’s crucial to inform the specialist about any medications or herbal supplements you’re on, as these can influence your results.

Should your sperm analysis show abnormalities, the Ro Sperm team might suggest further tests, such as “Sperm Antibodies” or “Sperm Penetration Assay (SPA)”. If needed, their network can connect you with local fertility clinics for comprehensive reproductive treatments, including IVF.

Ro Sperm Costs

Ro Sperm Kit costs $199 with free shipping.

Here’s what’s included in this price:

  • Tamper-proof kit
  • 3 vials of your sperm stored 1 year free storage
  • CLIA certified sperm analysis 48 hour semen analysis report turnaround
  • Expert interpretation support
  • HSA/FSA eligible 2-factor security authentication
  • While the first year of storage is free, you can pre-purchase additional years during checkout – each additional year costs you $89. If you want to preserve more than three samples, Ro Sperm Kit has the option to include three testing kits and a year of free sperm storage of 9 vials for $599. As with the normal plan, you can pre-purchase additional years during checkout.
  • Each additional year of storage for those 9 vials costs you $267.
  • There is also a withdrawal charge of $299.99, whenever you should want to retrieve and use your sperm sample.

Reviews of Ro Sperm from around the web

Customer reviews of Ro Sperm Test Kits

Although the Ro Sperm Kit is relatively new, following its acquisition from Dadi Sperm Kit, its association with Roman’s established credibility in various men’s healthcare domains (like sexual health, hair loss, skincare, premature ejaculation, and more) suggests a promising outlook on delivering top-notch service.

I’ve been taking these prenatals religiously since I found out our little peanut was on his way. They’re easy to swallow and are packed full of all the nutrients my little guy needs. The only caveat is a slightly fishy taste that I occasionally burp up, but no foul odor out of the container, just a light lemon scent. I’ve been so happy with these and feel like they’re truly worth the price!

Aaron and Haley Tores


I've been taking this for almost 4 months, I can take it on an empty stomach and I don't get nauseated. I looked up this company, it is third party tested (which means all the ingredients have been tested through a unbiased company). They use clean, quality, traceable ingredients and they are very transparent about things on their website. If you're anything like me, I care about what I'm putting in my body especially now that I'm pregnant. I feel very good about taking this for me and my baby.



Toward end of my first trimester my stomach started rejecting Perelel prenatal pills so I had to switch to a different one and I heard great things about Ritual. So far it hasn’t been giving me any issues. The pills smells good which is a bonus. My only 2 con is that you get really bad fishy burps and it doesn’t contain certain vitamins so I had to get some extra vitamin supplements. If you eat well and healthy then you probably don’t need the extra supplements because you will get those vitamins from food. Overall good pills!

Lauren Canvas


I'm currently TTC and have tried about 6 different prenatal vitamins. I simply couldn't take the fishy taste and burps of the others. I also had issues with the biotin in other vitamins breaking me out. The Ritual prenatal is the one I'm sticking with. I haven't experienced the extreme breakouts I was with others. These vitamins do give me the fishy burps after taking them but they are mild compared to others, and only if I take them in the morning versus at night. When I remember to take them before bed I don't have any issues with fishy burps. I greatly appreciate the ingredients and transparency. I do like these vitamins and, assuming my experience remains positive, I'll switch to the postnatals and then the regular multivitamins when it's time.



TBH, I'm not a fan of taking pills and auditioned several prenatal vitamin options during my 'trying to conceive' phase - There were gummies (tasted horrendous), 'fancy' brands (burped fish oil for the entire day, gross), the kind that customizes your daily pouches (wasteful), and then finally, Ritual (my acupuncturist and OB both recommended). Once I was pregnant, I knew I had to get serious and make a choice, which was easy because Ritual Prenatal checked all my boxes: easy to swallow, no weird aftertaste, did not upset my stomach, and I loved that they don't need to be taken with food. I chose the mint essence, and started taking them at night before bed. The subscription makes it easy to not forget (#pregnancybrain) and it's been a part of my nine month journey that has just been simple, and on autopilot. Highly recommend!!

Lauren A


I love these vitamins. I've been searching for a basic quality vitamin that wasn't full of herbs and added ingredients I didn't want. When I found these with exactly the vitamins I wanted I was thrilled. Shipping was quick. I'm not a fan of the minty taste but I can live with it. I'd prefer an option for a plain capsule but other than that I think they are great.

Canine Mom


Our Experience

The verdict

The Ro Sperm Kit stands out for its quick, reliable, and secure sperm analysis service. It offers a safe delivery process, two-factor authentication, and options for storing additional vials. Considering its competitive pricing, it’s a great tool for those keen on understanding their reproductive health.

A 2020 study from the National Library of Medicine highlighted a concerning global dip in male fertility rates. Several high-quality studies have linked this decline to factors like poor lifestyle choices, obesity, and environmental toxins. With the urgency to safeguard sperm health, turning to innovations like the Ro Sperm Kit seems a wise choice.

Would you choose Ro Sperm Kit or an in-person lab test? Share your thoughts below.

FertileFacts Rating


Absolutely! Nutrition affects fertility and baby’s future health. So, taking Beli optimizes both your health and potential baby’s health.

For women: take 3 capsules daily. For men: 2 capsules. You can take them anytime, with or without food. Splitting them throughout the day is fine. Remember, if you have morning sickness, find what’s comfortable for you.

Begin 3-6 months before trying to conceive. Prenatals provide essential nutrients for both partners.

Start 3 months prior. Sperm maturation takes this time, and nutrition affects the quality. Talk to your doctor if you’re concerned.

Yes, but always consult your doctor. Nutrition supports fertility. Along with a healthy lifestyle, key nutrients help improve fertility outcomes.

Hormonal birth control can reduce nutrients. Taking Beli replenishes them, preparing you for a potential future pregnancy.

Beli’s focus is safety, quality, and effectiveness. They follow scientific recommendations, using top-notch ingredients. Beli supports you from preconception to postnatal. Plus, it’s gentle on your stomach.

Yes. Ingredients like B12 and B6 ease nausea. Plus, you can spread out the daily dose as needed.

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